Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Cultural Fiesta in South-West Bulgaria

The Summer Cultural Fiesta in South-West Bulgaria was a week-long cultural visit of the Hungarian group for Bulgarian folklore "Zornica" situated in the Complex TRAYANOVI DVORI. The visit took part between 30 July - 06 Aug 2014 with an intensive program including dance seminars, participation at the Folk Festival "Pirin Pee", visits of cultural and historical places in the region as well as testing the mineral spring water in Simitli surroundings...

The idea for the visit was developed by Aneliya Trayanova after she had met the group during her internship in Budapest in the summer 2013. As a current intern in the Regional Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the South-Eastern Europe under the auspicious of UNESCO, her aim was to present to the ladies the richness and the beauty of the Pirin ethnographic region and its historical and cultural heritage. Most of the girls from "Zornica" are Bulgarian emigrants living in Budapest while some of them are Hungarians enchanted by the Bulgarian folk traditions. The folk group is the only group which not only dances Bulgarian dances but also performs songs and customs from the country.

The guest were firstly greeted with bread and honey in accordance with an old Bulgarian tradition. The little girls from Folk Dance Ensemble "Veselie" welcomed them with songs from the Pirin region. During the seminars conducted in a cooperation with the Choreograph of "Veselie", Lyubomir Maryanski, our fellows got introduced deeply with the style and the characteristics of the Pirin ethnographic region. Additionally, they had the chance to witness the authentic performance of a local group of singers and dancers.

Moreover, the group was a special guest of the XIV Folk Festival of Bulgarian Traditional Knowledge "Pirin sings“. The talented ladies performed dances and customs from the whole country and impressed the audience with the combination of Bulgarian and Hungarian languages in their traditional songs. However, they not only took part of it but got inside impressions by collecting authentic material as a part of a challenge set by the organizer. The guests were welcomed also by the Major of the Municipality of Simitli as special guests of the Municipality. He praised the initiative and encouraged future similar activities in collaboration with the Bulgarian minorities abroad.

Our countrywomen lightened the fire of the national spirit by visiting important cultural and historical places in the South-Western Bulgaria. Of a special interest for them was the Architecture Reserve Kovachevitsa where they had a surprising meeting with the Bulgarian author and local resident - Georgi Danailov. Also, they reminded poems of Nikola Vapcarov in his house in Bansko, had wine testing in the Kordopulova house in the city of Melnik, got introduced to the live of the Bulgarian prophet Grandma Vanga and tried the springs in Rupite. On the top of that the group was amazed by the miraculous icons i the Rojen and Rila monasteries.

During the cultural fiesta the ladies enjoyed the delicious Bulgarian cuisine and wines offered in the restaurant of the Complex TRAYANOVI DVORI, rested at the swimming pool of the complex and trained the new dances on the open summer terrace during the breezy evenings. The visit finished with many presents and memories of the intense and enjoyable vacation.


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