Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Complex TRAYANOVI DVORI became a member of the GREENWILL initiative

The Complex TRAYANOVI DVORI joined the global initiative GREENWILL which fosters sustainable development and environmental practices. GREENWILL encourages all oragnizations around the world to adopt a Green Policy and implement eco-friendly practices in their operations in order to reduce their impact on the environment. 

By joining this initiative, we also announce our intention to consider all environmental aspects and impacts of our daily operations and make the necessary efforts to reduce their negative consequences on the environment. We are proud that we have already made the first steps in this direction by installing a solar heating system, switching to 70% LED lighting, using no hazardous cleaning materials, making efforts in separation and utilization of the rubbish, stimulating "commuting" among the staff members. On this way, we believe that we are on the right direction!

Solar Water Heating System
Make yourself the first steps towards eco-sustainable development. Join the global initiative GREENWILL and take your simple guidelines. Good luck!

For more information visit www.greenwill.org.

Gallery of eco-friendly practices

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